Everardo Golf WITB 2003

WITB – What’s in the bag for 2003

Let’s start with, I’ve always been a tinkerer, whether it’s my camera gear or my golf gear, I’ve always been fascinated with trying out gear. Don’t get me wrong, I have my go-to gear that I keep in the bag but I do have alternate or backup gear that I will change depending on my needs for that job or course.

I was always a believer that you can and should have ‘horses for the courses’ or in the case of golf clubs, I would change up my equipment depending on what course I was playing, course conditions, or simply how I was playing at that time. Some will argue that creates inconsistency, others will argue that it actually creates greater consistency. As is the case of Bryson DeChambeau and his use of one-length golf clubs.

Back in 2003, I had already been playing golf for many years and I’m guessing I was an 18-ish handicap player. This was probably the start of me taking a serious attempt at tracking my gear, participating in forums, etc so some information may be inaccurate. I gathered this information from old emails and forum posts on TheSandTrap.com, GolfWRX, and other sites.

So as I re-enter the game, I’ve taken a look back at the gear I’ve used in the past, from what I could gather, here is my WITB or What’s in the Bag from 2003


Callaway Big Bertha C4

Fairway Woods

TaylorMade V-Steel 15°
TaylorMade V-Steel 18°


TaylorMade Rescue Mid 19°


Mizuno MX25 with Dynamic Gold shafts
Mizuno MP30 with Rifle Flighted shafts


Vokey 200 Series 50.08°, 54.10° and 58.08° (all w/ Rifle Spinner)


Here’s where I’m really fuzzy about what I had because it was the start of my putter obsession. Side note, I am naturally right-handed but for whatever reason, I played hockey and batted left-handed. So that just continued with golf, yeah, I’m goofy.

Ping – 1A – RH or LH
Ping – Anser 5 LH
Ping – Specify Zing RH

I’d be interested to hear your comments, fond memories, or nightmares of your worst clubs ever, comment below.

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