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My golf game has been dormant for a while, but now I’m ready to game again, kinda.

If you want to skip reading and just watch a little video about this, click here and watch it on my Instagram profile.

Once upon a time, I was a golf addict. I wrote articles for a golf website, tested and reviewed clubs, was a certified club fitter, ran a club fitting business, worked at a golf course part-time, all to fuel the addiction of golf. I had a corporate job that required me to travel 2-4 weeks a month, so instead of sitting in the hotel room or bar, I took my clubs with me, practiced at whatever range I could find, and played all around the US.

Just some of the gear I would carry as the official photographer. Read about it here

Then, started my photography career and became the official photographer for the Phoenix Open. That in itself is a funny story because, at the time of my interview, I didn’t have any golf in my portfolio nor had I been to the tournament! I’m a golf fan, just not a fan of huge crowds, and the crowds at the Phoenix Open is a totally different vibe compared to the Tournament of Champions.

I was the Official Photographer for 10 years and it was a wonderful experience and I’m very thankful and grateful for it, but during that time, it also gave me a distaste of golf, if you can believe it. Because, being the official tournament photographer is not just about photographing golf all day long and hanging out with tour pros, bummer right? There’s a lot of other work behind the scenes that go with it. Long days, long weeks. It’s not just the week of the tournament, but there’s other stuff that goes on throughout the year.

During tournament week each year, I averaged over 72 miles walked, which is about 152064 steps, over 13,000 calories burned, about 16,000 photos, all while carrying about 25-35 pounds of camera equipment **remember this as I explain more below. For example, just take a peek at my numbers from 2019 and 2018.

I needed a break from golf.

I started concentrating on my photography career, building my photography studio. Now many years later the golf bug bit me again, and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I started playing golf again, I started having back pain. I’ve never been one to really stretch, warm-up, or do proper physical therapy when I was young and flexible but guess what, I’m not young anymore!

Happier times, Just as I was starting to get back into golf, my back had other plans. Photo at Mountain Shadows in Phoenix, AZ
recommended surgical management and close follow-up 🙁

Well, flash forward to today when I’m about to have back surgery. Seems years of carrying all than camera gear, as well as other sports and accidents over a lifetime caught up to me. The official diagnosis was I had a disc extrusion at L4-L5 and L5-S1 and ‘recommended surgical management and close follow-up’ UGH!

So with all this downtime and being unable to walk, sit, or stand for more than a few minutes, I’m thinking more and more about playing golf again, smart right? Why not? Tiger has had what, 4 back surgeries now?

Until then, I have this website blog, I’m working on videos for the vlog aka YouTube. I’ll be documenting my journey of getting back into golf after the surgery, how PT, exercise, fitness, and diet all play a role. Along with highlighting local courses and businesses, reviewing equipment, sharing stories, interviews and more. I hope you’ll join me!


Join others, and start your golf journey with us today. You know you want to!

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  1. Who knew you had the golf bug. I also didn’t know why you were MIA from BNI. I hope your recovery goes well. I’m still looking forward to a family photo shoot. Keep me posted. May be looking at November. October is a bit crazy. Chat soon